Will be there more scents?

In addition to the gorgeously smelling Eucalptus and Lemongrass scent will add four more scents soon.

I want to order larger quantities!

We hear you. If you are interested in larger quantities or perhaps you want to be a reseller, contact us at info[at] and we will be happy to assist you.

Does it kill viruses?

Although almost all of the components in have some antiviral and antifungal property, we suggest to use Captain Mint for what it was primarly intended. This is making your shoes and sport equipment smell great again.

How long does the smell last?

Spray Captain Mint vigorously on smelly surfaces and you will be good for a few weaks at least! If you do it regularly your bottle will last you for two months at least.

Are natural products effective?

Oh yeah. They can be very effective and they last much longer too than conventional deodorizers. See it to believe it!


How your money back guarantee works?

Yes, we do. No matter if the product is used or not you can return it to our headquarters within 60 days from purchase and we will issue you a 100% refund, shipping costs included.

How long until I can return the product and receive a refund?

This period is 60 days from when the product was delivered to your shipping address.

Product was damaged during transport

Aww! Contact us on our contact page and we will happily send you another Captain Mint.

Do you offer exchanges?

No, we do not offer exchanges. Pick your scents more wisely next time, but don’t ever worry. They all smell gorgeously.

I returned my order. How do I know if my parcel has arrived?

As soon as we receive the returned products, a notification email is going to be immediately sent to you.


What are the delivery times?


Austria 1 day
Belgium 3 days
Bolgaria 3 days
Czech Republic 2 days
Croatia 1 day
Denmark 3 days
Estonia 4 days
Finland 5 days
France 3 days
Greece 3 days
Ireland 4 days
Italy 1 day
Latvia 4 days
Lithuania 4 days
Luxembourg 2 days
Hungary 2 days
Germany 2 days
Netherlands 3 days
Poland 3 days
Portugal 4 days
Romania 3 days
Slovakia 2 days
Slovenia 1 day
Spain 4 days
Sweden 4 days
United Kingdom 3 days


USA & Canada

Shipping will be available shortly!

What are the shipping costs?

Austria 6,30€
Belgium 6,90€
Bolgaria 16,90€
Czech Republic 9,0€
Croatia 5,10€
Denmark 9,80€
Estonia 12,0€
Finland 16,90€
France 8,90€
Greece 17,90€
Ireland 8,50€
Italy 5,50€
Latvia 12,80€
Lithuania 12,80€
Luxembourg 9,30€
Hungary 6,70€
Germany 5,60€
Netherlands 6,50€
Poland 10,30€
Portugal 12,90€
Romania 16,20€
Slovakia 9,80€
Slovenia 2,39€
Spain 11,00€
Sweden 11,80€
United Kingdom 8,70€

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes. After your parcel gets picked by the delivery guy you will automatically receive a tracking number. This tracking number can be used on our tracking page in order to find the exact whereabouts of your parcel.

Do you offer free shipping?

All purchases above 49,99€ are eligible for free shipping!


What payment methods do you accept?

Captain Mint accepts the following payment types:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Bank Transfer

If you don’t see these payment options at your checkout, this means that this payment method is currently not available in your country yet.

Do you offer COD?

Only in certain countries. For now COD is available in Italy, France, Austria and Slovenia.

Is purchasing on this site secure?

Captain Mint takes maximim precautions when dealing with sensitive data such as personal information and credit card details. All connections on this website are secured with a 256bit SSL Comodo certificate.

Credit card information is processed by Stripe, which is one of the most popular and secure payment methods available.

Are there any other fees?

The only extra fee is if you choose “Cash on Delivery”. Cash on delivery may not be available in all countries.

The amount of the cash on delivery fee may vary between countries:

  • Slovenia: 2,00€
  • Italy: 3,00€

Where I can access my order history?

All your account data can be accessed in your acount.

Where I can edit my shipping and billing addresses?

Your addressed can be accessed in your acount.